Sustainability as our corporate mission statement



2 awards

  • Appointment of an energy manager
    • Targeted recording of energy consumption
    • Major investment in a recording system
    • Instilling an energy-saving approach in Messe Friedrichshafen’s employees
    • The above measures enable consistent, continuous energy optimisation

In recognition of its efforts, the Messe Friedrichshafen was given the German Energy Award by DENA in 2014

  • Visualisation of energy consumption: 

The new visualisation of all components of the building engineering systems now makes it possible to pinpoint unnecessary energy consumption quickly

For this achievement, Messe Friedrichshafen was presented with the German E-Planner Award 2016.

  • Avoidance of power spikes through the use of energy optimisation software, in places also in conjunction with power utility companies (e.g. Messe restaurant)
  • Special transformer system to avoid power losses
  • Generation of electricity using solar collectors installed on the roofs of all of Messe Friedrichshafen’s auxiliary buildings
  • Provision of charging points for electro-mobility
  • Hall concept that makes maximum use of daylight
  • E-charging stations for clients


Economical, sparing and green

  • Economical:
    • Installation of water-saving taps
    • Water stored in cisterns for irrigating outdoor greenery
    • Some use of rainwater in toilets
    • Fire-extinguishing concept that integrates the Messe lake
    • Installation of a sophisticated system for recording water consumption so that unnecessary water consumption can be pinpointed quickly.
  • Sparing and green:
    • Targeted wastewater retention system (e.g. oil and grease separators)
    • Use of ecologically-sound detergents
    • Employee training
    • Precipitation that collects on paved surfaces is channelled via pipes to nearby retention basins from where, after a few days going through a self-cleaning process, it is returned to the natural water cycle via a stream.

Heating, cooling, ventilation

  • Through the installation of decentralised heating, cooling and ventilation units, needs-appropriate, targeted operation – based on individual hall occupancy – is possible without power losses
  • The hall personnel consistently keep on eye on the hall entrances and doors to ensure optimum operation
  • Sun protection thanks to installation of glare shielding and blackout option
  • State-of-the-art, ultra energy-efficient technology has been deployed in the halls (e.g. heat recovery and intelligent system control that regulates across all technical components).

Waste and waste management

  • Employee and service provider agreement on the avoidance of waste and encouraging the use of recyclable materials
  • Consistent separation of special waste, recyclables and paper. Up to 90% of waste is thus reusable
  • Appointment of in-house personnel to monitor waste separation
  • Professional and experienced service providers – contracts awarded with due consideration for waste separation
  • Avoidance of unnecessary logistical journeys: use of very large containers and needs-appropriate provision of same in the halls
  • Complete abolition of disposable tableware and cutlery by the end of 2017


  • Reduction of individual transport thanks to comprehensive shuttle bus service (hotels, airports, key city centres)
  • Offer of free use of bicycles for individual mobility
  • E-bikes as company bicycles

Green catering

  • Use of regional products
  • “Bio am See” as one of the two Messe partners – inclusive of Messe restaurant
  • Health-conscious choices, inclusive of vegan and vegetarian
  • Water dispensers throughout the entire Messe grounds for use with individual’s own drinking vessel


Green areas

  • 25% of the Messe grounds are “green”
  • The Messe grounds are immediately adjacent to large municipal forests


  • Provision of bicycles, scooters and e-bikes for travelling around the grounds and the nearby local area
  • Promotional programme, such as bonuses for the purchase of bicycles and e-bikes
  • Free electrical charging for owners of e-cars during working hours
  • In-house technicians ensure efficient use of energy
  • Instruction and training for employees with regard to ways of saving energy
  • In-house advisory service on saving energy costs for the project teams
  • Networking of workplace appliances for better, more efficient use of equipment
  • Workplace design with daylight concept
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